Sketches and illustrations of displays, retail fixtures and exhibition stands


At the heart of our business is our design centre. Staffed by a team of degree level designers, our design centre provides the starting ideas for all our projects.

In addition to working with client companies our design team undertake design and visualisation jobs on behalf of other design agencies and contractors on an ad-hoc basis. Confidential design 'bureau' services include design concepts, detailed design, design sketches, idea illustration and computer rendered visuals. Please see our 2010 EXHIBITION DESIGN PORTFOLIO for examples.

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Drawing boards are no longer used in our studio as our designers work at workstations using the latest in design software. Creative concepts are still sketched out but ideas are developed and illustrated using computers.

Final designs are often worked-up with with other Computer Aided Design software (CAD) then transferred to manufacturing facilities for CNC production, fabrication and assembly.